Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Statue Liberty, the Statue of Freedom Marks Special

Statue liberty is Liberty Island in New York, United States. Statue of liberty is statue that symbolizes freedom for immigrants granted by France to the United States in 1884 as a symbol of friendship.
Gustav Alexander Eiffel

the actual name of this statue is "Liberty Enlightening the World", the statue depicted a woman escape from the shackles of tyranny with the right hand holding a torch with this smoldering fire symbolizes freedom, 

while his left hand holds a book with the inscription July 4, 1776, (using the Roman numerals) is the independence day the United States, she was using the cloak seven shadows while the crown of spikes symbolize seven oceans and continents.
Liberty Statue
Statue Liberty 46 meters high (151 feet), a layer of statue is made from copper plates with thickness 2.4 mm wrought iron frame made ​​by designer Eiffel tower, named Gustav Alexander Eiffel. You too can reach the top of this statue but must climb 192 steps.

Statue of Libertty

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